The Beauty Pedestal: Examination, Deconstruction, and Life Post-Pedestalization

Imagine yourself having passionate sex before you were acutely aware how inter-gender relations really worked; before you understood that there were laws of nature governing why an interaction with a woman, who was formerly a stranger, ended sexually.

When there was an intoxicating magic to getting laid.

And while the wet-hole is still the same, while her attraction still makes you feel like a Greek god, and while an orgasm is an orgasm… there is something to be said for becoming aware of the smoke and mirrors; it makes the whole interaction a little less exciting.

There is a laundry list of reasons why the social narrative is invested in men remaining blissfully unaware of how the magic trick works, and the extent of which that they are being played as marks; the problem becomes that the system hinges on men living in blissful delusion.

And when the social contract between men and women dissolve, so does the magic… and men look for answers.

On the Internet, finding these answers is considered “swallowing the red pill,” or, learning the uncomfortable nature of reality. This is the nuts and bolts of how the magic trick works.

Feminine mystique, the magic that delighted men of past-generations, has been systematically exploited to the point where learning the truth behind it has tilted the cost-benefit balance beam of trust toward benefit. While it takes the romanticism out men’s interactions with women, their lives greatly benefit from understanding how the game works.

While there is certainly a tremendous amount of excellent Red Pill content all-across the Manosphere, I would distill The Red Pill, conceptually, as the complete obliteration of the Beauty Pedestal and the Emotional Pedestal that men have evolved to place women on.

The Beauty Pedestal

Think back to your days before swallowing the pill… when you were fucking that brunette, deep inside her with a handful of her hair, and you looked into her eyes and whispered “you’re so fucking beautiful” with an honest sense of conviction… and you felt her wilt under you, breathless and flush.

She sensed your sincerity, and by making her feel that way, in that moment, turned her on so much that you were both entrenched in passion.

A synergistic relationship is represented here. You wanted to think she was beautiful, she very probably wasn’t, but thinking she was beautiful meant something to you. It meant something that you were fucking a beautiful girl; it was sexier to think she was beautiful. Your erection relied on thinking she was attractive.

There were also good feelings to be had by making her feel beautiful.

This dynamic relied on an unsaid social contract to be in-place: the woman won’t lose respect for the man who is sharing his feelings for her; that she wouldn’t use this admittance to shape the power dynamic of the relationship. After all, any movement in this direction is a surrender of power by the man and the heart of Masculinity is power.

Modern Game has evolved as a reaction to this social contract being voided. A woman will lose some degree of respect for a man who seems too interested and eager, either physically or emotionally… she will grasp at this as a means of securing power in the relationship; after all, the one who cares the least has the most power.

Modern Game’s answer to this is for a man to behave like he doesn’t care at all and is always prepared to walk away- the idea is that this type of framework will only increase her attraction as people are drawn to the valuable and scarce.

A misconception of Game is that this framework is the preferable means of inter-gender relations for men; that men are pricks and women are meat, and at the end of the day we only want the little wet hole. If that were true, a man wouldn’t need Game at all! Game is meant to emulate this kind of needless, emotionless, sociopathic behavior as a reasonable, and reality-driven response to what women find desirable.

You can read the depth of a man’s female experience with his reaction to the facade of female beauty, and his relationship with the Beauty Pedestal.

The reality of a woman will never match the facade she creates. A naturally pretty girl will always look better in public than she does hidden away in comfortable privacy.

Women are like used-car salesmen at an all-night garage sale; they are trying to put the best spin on their used junk in-order to secure the best sales price.

An experienced man can see through this, maybe there is some kind of value to her used goods but not at the price she’s marked it as; the inexperienced man will emotionally gush and vomit his excitement at the glossy junk and immediately reach for his wallet.

Inexperienced men have most of their experiences with women through images on a screen. They see make-up and hair extensions, padded bras and female posturing, as reality. They thirst for this false reality with the veracity of a rabid animal. With the female facade in-place of an understanding of reality, the inexperienced man can never hope to have a genuine relationship with a woman. His best hope is to accrue enough wealth in-order to attract an aging woman who is in need of financial support, and we all know how well those arrangements end up.

The female facade is nothing new; women have always tried to maximize their feminine value in-order to manipulate the inexperienced to their own end. Jonathan Swift’s eighteenth-century poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room” details an inexperienced man’s reaction to learning the ugly-truth behind the female facade of hair and make-up; if you’ve ever lived with a woman, you know exactly what the naive narrator came to learn (“Oh! Celia, Celia, Celia shits!”); girls can be pretty fucking gross.

While Swift’s poem concludes reasonably with a balanced approach to a man’s relationship with female beauty, quite accurately likening women to “gaudy tulips raised from dung,” he suggests enjoying women for what they are- nudging them off the falsely erected pedestal and appreciating the reality.

But is such gentle nudging enough for a man to be successful in the current, ultra-competitive, Sexual Marketplace where the gap between men and women has never been as wide? Jonathan Swift lived in a world where female promiscuity was dangerous and socially stigmatized; a world where women wanted to marry young, limiting the drawn-out process of mate-selection and “self-discovery” that the modern woman feels entitled to; a world where a woman’s mate-selection did not extend much further than her own social circle.

Every aspect of Female Hypergamy has been assisted by modern Western culture. Youthful promiscuity is encouraged and marrying young is socially stigmatized. Online dating has made mate-selection an endless ordeal.

The Red Pill is reactionary; it is not preferable.

The reactionary position in responding to such aggressively unfavorable mating conditions is to meet them with even greater aggression. The modern experienced man will understand the truth behind the female facade, that Game is a necessity, and the pedestal must be destroyed.

The modern experienced man will understand that there is nothing tangible to be gained from the Beauty Pedestal; if you treat her like she’s beautiful, she will lose respect- respect is a necessity and can dissipate in a flash.

There is a Buddhist concept called Satori where a person experiences a sudden enlightenment and they acquire a “new point of view in dealing with life and the world.”

The Red Pill’s Satori is a man realizing that the Beauty Pedestal was for his own pleasure all along… The Beauty Pedestal was the magic behind getting laid, the ego-satisfaction, the feeling of conquering achievement; the Beauty Pedestal was what was sexy about the sexual encounter.

The Beauty Pedestal is the equivalent of masturbation; the sexual equivalent of junk food or empty calories- it feels great, but it isn’t doing anything positive for you. It’s setting you back, relinquishing your power, and speeding the decay of the relationship.

And, with the destruction of the Beauty Pedestal, sex became a little less sexy.

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  5. Tarnished · November 23, 2015

    The reality of a woman will never match the facade she creates. A naturally pretty girl will always look better in public than she does hidden away in comfortable privacy.

    What of those who wear no makeup at all, have no use for push up bras, and find it a waste of time to spend hours on their hair? Those who look exactly the same when alone at home as they do when in public?

    Jonathan Swift’s eighteenth-century poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room” details an inexperienced man’s reaction to learning the ugly-truth behind the female facade of hair and make-up; if you’ve ever lived with a woman, you know exactly what the naive narrator came to learn (“Oh! Celia, Celia, Celia shits!”); girls can be pretty fucking gross.

    Of course women can be gross, as can men. We are both biological organisms, after all. Each of us sweats, farts, defecates, urinates, have bad breath and eye crust in the morning, oil in our hair…We both have need of toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste. It is extremely harmful to allow anyone to go through life thinking the opposite sex is some bastion of perfection sans biological processes. Though nowadays, with co-ed gym, Health courses, and more prevalent male-female friendships it should not be nearly the surprise it was in Swift’s day.

  6. B_Tampa · March 3, 2017

    If you wish to remain attracted to your mate for the longest possible time, I have two words for you: Separate Bathrooms.

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