Femininity and the Cancerous Female Ego

The most efficient way of understanding the truth about Female Nature is doing a quick reversal of the kind of Feminist theory that has become mainstream thought over the last half-century.

Women do, in-fact, need men; womanhood is defined through manhood.

If we understand the form of Masculinity as a man’s “efficiency in acquiring power, his comfort in holding power, and his ability to maintain power,” we can understand the Form of Femininity as a woman’s comfort in submitting to power. 

An accurate gauge for determining the depth of a woman’s Femininity is by observing how she treats a valueless man. A woman will quite predictably treat an alpha male with a certain baseline respect; a beta-male, always happily willing to be used for spare parts, will be exploited like any other resource, but the place of an otherwise valueless in a woman’s life can be fairly curious.

A woman will respond to the valueless in one-of-four ways:

  1. She is disgusted by him and avoids him all together. In this scenario, she is highly irritated when she must, by-chance, be forced to deal with a worthless man; his crime, of course, is merely existing.
  2. She attempts to exploit his weaknesses and treat him as an easy target to thought-police and opinion bully. Should he not comply, see (1).
  3. She feigns niceties and treats the man with condescension. While this is less offensive than (1) or (2), it isn’t saying a whole lot about the woman’s Femininity.
  4. or, She treats him with the same uniform kindness that she’d meet anyone with.

The Feminine woman has a healthy relationship with men; she doesn’t have the urge to exploit the valuable qualities of men while treating the worthless as sub-human. The Feminine woman meets the world with a calm submission, and this is manifested in her genuine desire to nurture.

In teaching women to grasp at power like wild beasts, Feminism has done the disservice of endowing women with a Female Ego which runs opposed to the calming presence of Femininity.

Again we can play the game where we reverse Feminist doctrine and find the truth.

According to modern Feminism, men have fragile and destructive egos; a man’s ego results from the tendency to protect his Masculinity at all costs. This tendency is equal parts pathetic, immature, and ignorant; if a man “only understood” that it was “far more respectable” to surrender his masculine power, his persona of superiority, and his competitive nature, this “evolved man” would, in turn, garner far more respect for such a submission.

And playing on a man’s natural tendency toward kindness and his desire to develop a positive male identity by-way of embodying the Good Man archetype, the modern male will go-along with the encouraged surrender of ego…

Until he realizes that the respect he was promised for his compliance with post-modernist social theory is non-existent; his compliance, if anything, has caused a respect deficit and despite his effort in attempting to embody the Good Man, he is actually shown disrespect.

A man clings to ego, and develops an identity through masculinity, out of necessity- through understanding that his success and value is dependent on it. It isn’t that a man wants to win all the time to feel good; it’s that a man needs to win all the time to be socially relevant.

The female ego is purely about the good feelings associated with winning; a woman does not need to rely on success or respect to retain her value as a human, therefore her feelings of superiority are purely to satisfy her own egotistical self-image.

The modern woman wants a man to let her win the game, and then tell her that she won for real. The latter must never come into question, or be subject to doubt; she must honestly believe that she bested the man.

This would work out okay if the woman understood the kindness involved with a man letting her feel as though she outplayed him, but considering her need to believe the win was authentic, her win only causes her to lose respect for the man.

After all, what kind of man loses to a woman?

A man who strives to be a Good Man will be taught from an early age to never put a woman in her place, or deny her the ability to voice her opinion– the quality of her opinion being irrelevant; whether she’s clearly wrong doesn’t matter. A Good Man is taught that a woman inherently deserves to have her voice heard.

While it’s true that a woman is attracted to a strong Alpha male putting her in her place and not letting her win- be it in competition or debate- everyone else on the radar of the Female Ego must be tyrannized by her fragile emotional state and inability to deal with failure or criticism.

Femininity is submission; the surrender of ego. Although Feminine women are typically girly, and usually attractive, these qualities follow Femininity but are not causal of Femininity.

As Feminists have worked diligently to eradicate all traces of Feminine tendency in women, replaced by the more masculine Female Ego, the idea of being sexualized has replaced the delicate essence of Femininity.

Redefining the term Feminine does not lead to long term success for women, nor does it provide men with the driving force of Feminine energy; it leads to a hedonistic culture of promiscuous sex unfocused on the larger issue of maintaining a strong civilization.

The Feminist will look at the Feminine woman’s calm surrender as a display of weakness; she will swear that the Feminine woman not continuously grasping at power will leave her open to being taken advantage of by men; that the Feminine woman’s submission inherently implies a lack of standards– that this submission must mean that the Feminine woman is settling for a lesser man than she deserves.

This is not the case. The Feminine woman’s display of submission is merely a lack of Female Ego to protect. The Feminine woman is so genuinely confident in herself that she doesn’t need to win petty arguments with men to prove her worth- this is true female confidence.

Femininity has been so ravaged by Feminists that it has become incredibly rare and valuable; valuable because all people benefit from Feminine essence, not just men.

Since the Feminine is so rare to encounter in the real world, hyper-Feminine women have taken to YouTube to make videos featuring nothing more than Feminine Energy, that you are intended to watch privately, with headphones, in order to soak in this essence- esoteric in the Western World.

If you have never encountered Femininity in your own life, watch the videos below and discover what Feminine Energy is.

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  2. MQ · August 27, 2015

    That’s the operative word: femininity. Michelle Jenneke oozes with it. Her youthful beauty, her exuberance, her aura: these aren’t things that can be faked. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have honed men’s tastes for sweet, submissive, complimentary women. As much as feminists and their betaboy clit-suckers wail about “social conditioning,” when it comes down to brass tacks, all men want the same thing.

    Not only that, Michelle Jenneke has something else that few American/Western women possess: confidence. I’m going to keep harping on it until I’m blue in the face, but what most women think is confidence is actually cuntiness. The standoffish, arrogant attitude common to “strong” and “independent” women is a pose they adopt to hide their insecurities.

    Michelle Jenneke, in contrast, looks at ease in her own skin… She smiles like a normal person, radiating joy and happiness. Her movements are graceful and energetic rather than sulky and surly. Does she look like the kind of woman who would make cheap sarcastic quips or start arguments over leaving the toilet seat up? It’s inconceivable.

    McCreight, her fanboy castrati and feminists in general want young women (and men) to believe that you can’t be successful and confident without being an unlikable, combative harridan. Michelle Jenneke puts the lie to that claim, and that’s why men love her.

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  4. infowarrior1 · September 3, 2015

    Femininity functions like wu wei and water.

  5. ohmissmayfair · September 11, 2015

    Maria (GentleWhispering) is amazing and I just adore her.

    ‘The Feminine woman’s display of submission is merely a lack of Female Ego to protect. The Feminine woman is so genuinely confident in herself that she doesn’t need to win petty arguments with men to prove her worth’

    Absolute truth, right there. 3rd wave feminism is the complete opposite, desperate to win petty arguments to prove how competitive rather than complementary they are. Speaking of how rare femininity is? Yesterday I went looking for a pretty pendant for a friend’s wedding, ‘feminine’ was autocorrected to ‘feminist’ by the search bar. *headdesk*

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  8. Katherine · October 17, 2015

    This is perfectly written, and I love Maria too! 😀

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  13. lee smith · September 4, 2016

    What an utter load of passive, subservient bollocks!

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