Over The Rainbow: The Dark Enlightenment as Anti-Choice

Duty is not something a person will choose when given the option to make their own decisions; by-definition “duty” is an imposition and a responsibility- duty is about limiting personal freedom for the best interest of civilization.

A dutiful citizen is necessary for a functional civilization- this includes duty to family, duty to community, and duty to country. Although duty isn’t necessarily enjoyable by the modern understanding of the term- flashing lights and lines of cocaine- it must be prioritized above personal pleasure.  Duty must be foremost, and whatever enjoyment gleaned from life beyond duty becomes secondary.

Like getting all your homework done on a Friday night before hunkering down and playing Ikari Warriors; a life well-lived, and a little bit of fun too.

The sexy appearance of modernity has made the dutiful life seem boring by comparison.  The modern Progressive will view humility as a kind of self-imposed naivety– the dutiful experience has become synonymous with missing out on life; life as defined by escalating consumption.

When Dorothy clicks her heels at the end of The Wizard of Oz (1939) repeating “there’s no place like home,” she is acknowledging that happiness isn’t something that must be found in extreme individualism and a highly stimulating landscape; happiness isn’t about consumption. There is beauty in humility.

Dorothy learns the value in calm stability, and a life with family.

Thematically, The Wizard of Oz would be lost on the modern Progressive, confused as to why Dorothy didn’t stay in Oz, find a solid drug dealer, and a few dozen Alpha males to party with.

The very same modern Progressive is staunchly in favor of abortion.

It’s genius how deliberately constructed the terms for being Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion are considering how they’re only two-words each. The terms, themselves, are propaganda.

Pro-Choice implies that all opposed are anti-choice, and choice is an integral part of personal freedom; in the Western world we value freedom above all else and we equate the term with benevolence.  According to the Progressive, being anti Pro-Choice implies that you are a fascist, which is a lot like a Nazi, which is pretty much Hitler.

Pro-Life implies that abortion is murder, and murder is heinous; worse, it’s baby murder, and, worse yet, baby murder due to the inconvenience of consequence and obligation; kill to party.

And then there are the socially retarded moderates who understand that maybe free-rein abortions aren’t a great idea, but they should be available in specific instances such as rape or incest.

People who identify as Neoreactionary, or as part of The Dark Enlightenment, don’t necessarily hold uniform beliefs but there are a few guiding principals that are unifying:

  • The Dark Enlightenment is about understanding the animalistic quality of Human Nature; true Human Nature, not Human Nature as we would like it to be. The Red Pill is essentially a gender study in Human Nature, as inter-gender understanding amongst Progressives is hilariously misguided.
  • The Dark Enlightenment uses Civilization as the guiding principal upon which to make moral decisions; “the only morality is Civilization.”

Without a thorough understanding of Human Nature we would not know best how to guide Civilization, so the two principals work together synergistically.

Through these guiding principals the abortion debate becomes something entirely different than the mainstream war of mental gymnastics: choice versus murder/fetus versus baby.

The Dark Enlightenment will want to limit personal freedom and re-instate the consequences attached to action; this will cause the agent to more carefully consider the actions they take. It isn’t about morality for the sake of following some detached Form of Morality, it’s about morality as it pertains to positive future results.

With this in mind, we can look at abortion from either the Pro-Abortion or Anti-Abortion stance:

  • Pro-Abortion: All pregnant single women must either marry or be required to abort their child. For this scenario to be possible, we must also throw out no-fault divorce. We recognize that a stable family unit produces the strongest, and most productive citizens, and only in this scenario will it be permissible to produce off-spring legally.
  • Anti-Abortion: All abortion is illegal, without exception. Adoption is available for women who do no want to keep their baby.

This is when the socially retarded conservative scratches their head and wonders aloud why an anti-abortion stance must be whole sale, without exceptions made for accusations of rape and incest.

And this is when the socially savvy Neoreactionary feels a little guilty for laughing at the less intellectually fortunate… So, dear reader, what do you think would happen if we made abortion illegal for all women but those who claim to have been raped? 

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