Peak Fake Rape

There was a kind of charming innocence to Sally Rapehoax and her wild tales of repeated violation. It was the mid-1990s, a decade defined by the supposedly deep and emotionally esoteric secret lives of women. Tori Amos and the Lilith Fair exemplified this tone; the female identity needed to be something incomprehensible to men.

Sally’s claims of rape were inoffensive because there was no perpetrator named- the claim was entirely about Sally and her own identity. To believe Sally meant that she was a victim saddled with a sexuality so intense that it engendered an overwhelming lust in men who were willing to risk their lives to have her by any means necessary.

To believe Sally was a liar meant she was a deeply troubled girl with a wild imagination. Either way, you’re going to feel sympathy for Sally- so, mission accomplished. This kind of rape accusation carried with it the wistful innocence of Jack Horner shooting nudie cuties on film- you know it’s wrong, but it’s not really hurting anyone either.

Over the course of the next decade, every so often I’d encounter a Sally Rapehoax, and I’d know the deal immediately. The stories were never very angry, and the girls were more than happy to share. So, the opposite of everything you’ve ever heard about rape.

Now, more than ever, rape is a dire Feminist issue because white American women would otherwise be thrown off the victim hierarchy with unfathomable speed and gusto.

White American women are the most privileged class of people in world history… yet, to maintain this unprecedented privilege, they need to maintain their spot as the top minority.

Yes, try to figure that one out- there are more of them in America than anyone else, they are the literal majority, yet also claim to be the most oppressed minority.

For white American women to claim victimization they need an omnipresent oppressor, and male sexuality is easy to demonize. As undesirable as the white American woman can make herself as a potential long-term mate, she understands that men will always desire her sexually. In turn, she cites the reduction of herself as mere sex object as the ultimate freedom and independence. She claims that this reduction of the self is for empowerment, and the manipulative power gained over men is incidental.

She had no idea that it would happen!

But when men react in a predictable fashion to a girl presented as a sex object, it’s because of their uncontrollable and highly dangerous male urges.

Women must believe they are under constant threat of rape; that all heterosexual males are capable of being overwhelmed by desire (especially the white ones in fraternities).

And then, seemingly overnight, fake rape went mainstream and everything changed.

A woman can either use the fake rape accusation as a manipulative threat on the front end- a means of getting what she wants- or a revenge tactic on the back end if whatever she wants dumps her.

Fake Winehouse was expecting me to let her spend the night and was upset when I declined. She tried to scare the shit out of me after. She wasn’t crazy enough to call the police, but she wanted to drive the point home that she could- she understood that she had nothing to lose by doing so.

The idea that women are able to hold the invisible loaded handgun of a fake rape accusation, at all times, is something entirely new and significantly changes dating and casual sex; the environment has become adversarial and sexuality has become weaponized. Even if a man isn’t lying to get sex, even if he isn’t being deliberately duplicitous or manipulative, even if he is using the honest power of his own attractive sexuality- even then he is at risk of an accusation.

And now we are dreadfully close to peak fake rape with the new Lady Gaga rape culture expose video “Til It Happens To You.” The irrelevant Gaga has been prepping to ride the fake rape wave since she unveiled her own accusation.

Women want to believe this for all the same reasons Sally Rapehoax lied about being raped; it makes them feel sexy, it makes them feel desired, it makes them feel like perpetual victims, it makes them feel justified in their exploitation of men because they feel victimized on a widespread systematic level, and it makes them feel like all men deserve what they have coming to them.

We are hitting peak fake rape and there’s no turning back now. Things are gonna get crazy.

You wanna get nuts? Come on, lets get nuts.

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  2. Jonn · January 10, 2016

    Tom Leykis says to lie to get sex. He says “be that doctor/artist/lawyer” if you have to be, to get a one night stand from a bar girl.

    Realistically, everyone out there looking for sex at a bar is looking for a fulfilled fantasy.

    Who says fantasies actually have to be real? By providing someone with the idea that they’re fucking someone with power, they’re getting the fantasy they want. Is that really such bad manipulation, when women would otherwise not even look twice at 90% of guys out there, because they work at a janitorial job, are only 5/10 and not very tall?

    In the mating game, it seems obvious that males would want to steal some larger peacocks feathers for a night in order to get what they want. Women will never go for guys at random any other way. Who does it really hurt to tell them your porsche is in the shop? That’s what they want to hear, and they want to have sex with the thing they want to hear. Why is telling them it, if its not true, a bad thing?

    You’re trading one thing for another. A fantasy for a sexual experience. But now guys are supposedly terrible people for giving someone what they want in exchange for sex? Why aren’t women terrible people for exchanging sex to get things they want, such as ride around in a real porsche, or alimony?

  3. Jonn · January 10, 2016

    What’s really wrong with lying to a woman for sex? Tom Leykis even encourages it. You’re trading them for something you want, by giving them something they want; the fantasy. They want to fuck a doctor/lawyer/whatever. Why can’t your porsche be in the shop for a night, if the woman at the bar will only have sex with men who seem well off? Is it wrong to have sex with people by claiming to be something you’re not, when they only have sex with people who claim to be that something, such as a lawyer?

  4. johnny doe · February 13, 2016

    Be better than that, John.

    You really take seriously the advice of a guy with FOUR EX-WIVES??? All who I believe were groupie listeners to his show, for crying out loud!

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  6. nik · May 8, 2016

    nothing is wrong with lying to the average women.
    the average women is a literal goldigging whores

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