Under The Rainbow: The Inevitability of the Modern World

There is something beautifully Fascist about the White House soaked in the gay rainbow. As a fan of Fascist imagery, and Fascism in general, I
can’t help but admire this.

Fascism is about strength and congruence; uncompromising and unapologetic. Fascism is not about voice, Fascism is about hierarchy and dominance. A dominant leader should lead to feelings of comfort and safety in those led; a well-kept pet will respect the dominance of their master, a good wife will find comfort in the leadership of her husband.

However, a productive Fascist state needs a benevolent Fascist leader. Historically this has been a real bitch to hammer down. So while I admire President Obama’s force and congruence here, I question his intent and the long-term results of such intent.

Watching the visually stunning but thematically atrocious “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” director Abrams goes to the Lucas playbook and uses Fascist imagery to paint an easy picture of inherent evil; the bad guy is a bad guy because he has Nazi looking symbols and an army of soldiers standing in neat looking lines.

We know these things are evil just because.  When Vader demands Luke help him bring “order to the galaxy,” it doesn’t feel exceedingly sinister- Vader isn’t interested in genocide or enslavement, if anything these intentions would only create chaos, however a mainstream audience on the receiving end of “The Empire Strikes Back” will understand hierarchy as deeply evil, and therefore no further explanation is necessary for the villainous Vader.

In a post 1960’s landscape, the concept of hierarchy was seen as dangerous heresy- universal equality became an unquestionable premise and suddenly a wall was erected which separated this brave new world from the ancient ignorance of yesteryear.

The idea became that the modern world was inevitable.

Despite increasingly atheist sensibilities, the Progressive comes across like a fatalist. That amongst the stars there is a plan written for the historical progression of the world, and we would be sitting here with cell phones and lattes no matter what course of action was taken to get there. This makes the modern progressive look more religious than any of their reviled Christians.

The modern Progressive is sitting on a pile of infinite corpses, holding an iPhone, and tweeting about the stench.

The Progressive will know she’s holding an iPhone, this much will be clear, but the prior thousand years it took to end up in a world where an iPhone was possible is boring and irrelevant to her. The Progressive believes that the finished product- the iPhone, or more broadly, the modern world- would have been the result of any methodology used… and thus, the old ways, the traditional methodology, is unsightly and archaic.

Progressives misunderstand and exploit what was built before them; they nitpick the methodology. They are deconstructionists, they are destructive; they don’t need to build, they only inherit. The Progressive believes in a fatalist destiny; that the successes of the human race were an inevitability; the more unsightly portions of the former methodology were hateful and unnecessary. The Progressive believes that traditional values existed only to oppress; they were for those living at a time of ignorant superstition and embarrassing naivety; they were uneducated; they are to be pitied.


The Progressive is superior.

The modern world is the result of a tightly controlled system of hierarchy and limited choice. The modern free-for-all which left the realm of radical thought and became institutionalized in the 1960s has always only been a hypothesis; an asphyxiating what if.

The Progressive has burdened herself with the task of sussing out what was necessary to the development and functionality of the modern world, and what she’d consider extraneous evil. If the Progressive found herself in a time-travel scenario, she’d be stepping on bugs and assassinating babies; all of the good stuff in the modern world, iPhones and Internet pornography, would be safely preserved but this time only with a past history the Progressive could be proud of!


The Progressive plays revision. What if gender roles were never necessary? What if duty was a useless imposition? What if a belief in God was only for stupid motherfuckers? What if abortion and marijuana should have always been our primary social concern? What if a perfect world is only a matter of language policing?

 What if someone else besides Spider-Man had been bitten by the radioactive spider?

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