The game plan is always the same. It goes exactly like this: the Progressive will cite hypocrisy as the greatest possible sin; in particular, hypocrisy in the face of lofty moral ambition (Progressive mortal sin). They then hijack and redefine an opposing group’s beliefs under the guise of faux-concern. When genuine members of that group don’t live up to this new redefinition of their mission and intentions, the Progressive shames members of the group with accusations of hypocrisy.

This is the Progressive go-to. It doesn’t change because it doesn’t need to change; it almost always seems to work.

So the faux-concerned, intellectually superior Progressive will explain to the Christian that Christianity is defined as limitless charity and altruism (specifically altruism to those not part of your own community/tribe/nationality), and when the Christian fails to live up to this impossible standard, the Progressive will claim that “Christianity is about hypocrisy,” and then pats herself on the back as a job well-done.

The Progressive mindset stems from self-obsession which leads to wild fluctuations of their emotional metronome.  Self-obsession creates a world where the self is center, and everything else in the Universe revolves around this self and serves as secondary importance. Self-worth stems from a meticulously self-defined identity for the Progressive, which may takes deceptive forms. The White Knight may seem altruistic to detriment, but it actually serves to give the White Knight positive feelings of value in the identity of White Knight. The Progressive will often skew this identity toward roles commonly agreed upon as sympathetic as to relieve the tension of possible social rejection, or lower the social standard by which others judge, as to keep her emotional metronome on the side of “happy.”

With self-obsession comes increased personal entitlement and expectation of positive outcome. Suddenly the Progressive is faced with living in a consumerist, casino-like reality where winning is at-best inconsistent, creating increasingly greater fluctuations in her emotional metronome. This does not disillusion the Progressive, this strengthens her resolve and reaffirms her dedication to Progressivism.

The Progressive will then signal her Progressive values loudly, combining claims of intellectual and moral superiority with faux-concern and outrage at social ills, taking the social validation she is able to garner through this signaling as a shoddy consolation prize in substitute for whatever it was she wanted to win at the Progressive casino.

Often the Progressive will sneer at a pro-athlete at the heights of victory thanking God or Jesus, with the easy criticism that if God or Jesus were real they would likely not care much for pro-sports. While this is impossible to know, it doesn’t matter either way because the Progressive is missing the point entirely. I don’t exactly blame the Progressive for this, her toolkit for understanding the world is limited, but this misunderstanding speaks to the larger matter of the Progressive coming from a mindset of self-obsession and self-center, rather than humility and the unknown-greater as center.

The Progressive will see the pro-athlete thanking Jesus and interpret it as though this athlete believes himself as center, so a thanks to God is about the assumed personal assistance the greater deity bestowed upon them. Silly Progressive, this is not the case.

The worldview of the Christian is that no-matter what worldly greatness may be attained by a human (and champion pro-athlete is nothing to sneeze at), the human is always second to God. So when a pro-athlete is thanking God for whatever, they are actually acknowledging this humility despite attaining the heights of victory.

The foundation of Christianity is humility.

By understanding the Christian mindset as humility, it becomes easy to see why the Progressive has such disdain for Christians; humility is the polar-opposite of self-obsession.

The Progressive will believe that Christian humility is meant to enslave and control the Christian. She sees humility as childlike; synonymous with naivete. The Progressive will believe their world is rich and colorful in comparison to the Christian’s dull, black-and-white reality.

While it’s true that the Progressive may reach heights of pleasure and experience that the Christian will never know, the Christian has their emotional metronome set squarely in the calm center and not flailing between extremes.

Christian humility maintains a low-entitlement, low-expectation mindset. This creates a richer depth of experience for the Christian, resulting in a greater degree of satisfaction and, ultimately, feelings of happiness.

Happiness, an increasingly foreign concept to the Progressive.

Crazy, right?

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  2. copperfox3c · February 9, 2016

    The irony of Progressive “shaming language” tactics never seems to end … even more curious how the general populace seems so slow to catch on to the trick.

    And, of course, these societal tactics bears many eerie similarities to the tactics that individual women use in personal relationships. May be why many Manosphere writers seem to be the first to really raise the alarm.

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