Black Lives Matter and “The Dark Knight” (2008)

The dynamic between Black Lives Matter and the police mimic Batman and the Joker in “The Dark Knight” (2008). By their own premise, Black Lives Matter purports that poor black people are perpetually naughty children who inevitably deal with the police. These naughty children have no standard of behavior to meet nor rules to abide by- they are inherently naughty. The police, who make their careers handling violence, have rules and standards to meet, and even when the situation is crazier than usual, if those rules are broken it’s cause for outrage and demands.

One side of the equation is given a ready-made excuse for lacking accountability, the other side is burdened with limitless accountability. One side is expected to be unpredictable while the other is held to the expectation of perfection.

It seems ironic that the cause for police involvement is the perpetual variable, however, the reaction to this variable carries the burden of structure and expectation.

It’s a game that isn’t winnable, and Black Lives Matter understands that the reactionary side can’t just walk away from the fight… and because of that, Black Lives Matter uses this as a pivot point to amassing power.

Growing up is realizing that everything is about power. Sincerity is for story-books and suckers.

But what is it that allows Black Lives Matter to easily get-away with their initial premise; that poor black people are naughty children who are not responsible for their actions?

In times of doubt, brothers and sisters, we look to scripture.

We look to our Holy Progressive Mother Independent Woman, Saint Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”:

“Attitcus says cheatin’ a colored man is ten times worse than cheatin’ a white man,” I muttered. “Says it’s the worst thing you can do.”

This is not morality, nor is it justice. Justice and morality are blind to identity. There are actions that are fair, and actions that are unfair- cheating anyone is inherently unfair.

This is not an idea too big for any sane adult to understand.

But Atticus Christ isn’t referring to Justice, he’s referring to Social Justice. Justice is objective and social justice is weighted. Identity is primary to social justice. Social justice favors who is perceived as the victim before the actual situation is considered; true justice considers the situation exclusively. Social justice demands that this perpetual victimhood be taken into account in every situation the victim faces, even in times when it seems as though the victim may actually be the perpetrator.

Black Lives Matter will not address the idea that poor black people constantly dealing with the police are the cause of the intervention. The presumed assumption is that these poor blacks are branded victims by-way of being born into victimhood and are thus powerless to the external temptation of hedonistic behavior.

So, to put this in perspective, if the Joker were a poor black man then “The Dark Knight” would be an entirely different movie: a fabulously rich white man trying to punish black Joker for actions which he is ultimately not responsible for.

If you notice, Batman actually never deals with any black criminals in Gotham- even Bruce Wayne understands the rules of the game.

But as it stands, the Joker exploits the rules which Batman feels bound by; as a result, the Joker stays one-step ahead and Gotham burns. When Batman hesitates in taking action people die. While he reaches a kind of moralistic compromise, suspending Gotham’s right to privacy in favor of public safety, he ultimately doesn’t murder the Joker; I suspect a true follow-up film would see Batman pay dearly for that decision.

Black Lives Matter smartly takes its game-plan from Feminism; why reinvent the wheel? If you create a landscape where all actions are permissible, or at least understandable, for your in-group, and all-actions for whom you consider opposing forces must be highly scrutinized, there is no limit to the demands that can be made.

Like when overweight, silly haired ladies with mouthfuls of McDonalds shout, “Feminism is about equality,” who is going to dispute that black lives matter? Of course black lives matter; all lives matter– from a Civilizational stance, all lives of a particular nation should matter to that nation.

But like Feminism and “equal rights,” Black Lives Matter is the typical Progressive motte-and-bailey fallacy; a bait and switch.  Mention something that is indefensible (black lives matter), and then add to it a bunch of stuff that your average person won’t see (Black Lives Matter). If you have something to say about Black Lives Matter, you seem like kind of a dick, right?

The Left will endlessly exploit this fallacy in practically all facets of how they operate. Lee’s “Mockingbird” is bullet-proof to criticism by presenting as a story in-support of due process for all people. From a philosophical stand point this is indefensible, but from there Lee adds in a tremendous bunch of babbling from the perspective of an angry, ugly, uneducated middle-aged woman. Have something to say about it? What, are you a racist dick??

Does this TV-spot from the American Cancer Society have more to do with a young girl’s courage in her fight against cancer (indefensible) or a young man’s courage in his disregard for the horrifying beauty standards which keep Feminists up at night crying McNugget tears (bait and switch)?

What does one have to do with the other, outside of exploiting something that resonates- I have tremendous sympathy for all people fighting cancer- to push something that is trivial by comparison. Putting them on the same level is problematic (wow… just wow), but you’ll never hear anyone complain because, what, you like that pretty little girls get cancer? Are you a dick?

True courage in the modern world is apathy toward seeming like a dick. We don’t have a war to fight, we don’t have a struggle to overcome; we have groups and ideologies attempting to exploit our empathy and our desire for social acceptance; our childish need for posturing and superiority. When Barack Obama splits the Western World in half, commending those on the right side of history, we want the high-fives that go along with it. We have freedom and a sexual utopia, but we fail to understand why we’re so angry and dissatisfied; we want an out-group whom we can feel justified in focusing our hatred on.

True courage is fighting the urge to conform to destructive modern-norms despite the praise and social rewards you’d get for signaling that you’re part of the group.

Black Lives Matter to the Left, but who do you think would have really been the slave-owners of the eighteenth century?

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