How to Tweet like Donald Trump. Smart!

The grim reality of the world is that most people don’t know how to think. All of these people worshiping academia, signaling supposed intellectual superiority, and machine-gun spouting opinions like an Ikari Warrior, don’t actually have the proper foundation of building accurate thought.

Yes, “accurate thought” sounds fascist; now you’re getting it.

Opinions are not made equally; valid opinions require adhering to the unflinching rules of Logic and Argumentation. The sad reality of modern education is that those rules are only taught deep within the Philosophy department’s course catalog, hidden away from typical student’s ideology heavy masturbation sessions.

Gosh, it’s almost like they don’t want people learning how to think.

But everyone wants an opinion, and everyone wants to sound smart. Intellectual superiority has become a modern addiction.

So what does an intellectual plebeian do when they want to sound smart? First off, always stick to the script- the proper ideology will save you, even in the event of an obvious intellectual misstep. From there, you must find someone who carries the credibility of authority and mimic their rhetoric endlessly.

Your little buddy on Facebook who is posting “insightful political rants” is really mimicking their preferred authority while being sure to mind the soft and cuddly wearable blanket of Progressive ideology; all of this between bowls of Captain Crunch and jerk-off sessions. They aren’t actually thinking.

The less a person knows how to think, the easier it is to manipulate them into believing that someone carries the credibility of authority- spouting the right ideology with confidence… However, the methodology for creating this illusion of authority must become more complex if deviating from the mainstream narrative.

Enter: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been fighting an uphill battle from the moment he announced his Presidential campaign- every authority figure in the modern world quickly made attacks on him, attempting to block his ability to establish authority.

The fact that Trump has been able to withstand these attacks while establishing himself as an authority who speaks a counter-narrative should be enough to win him the Presidency; it’s indicative of high-level charisma and genius. Conversely, watch how Hillary is building her campaign solely around the mainstream narrative and floundering; this speaks to her incredible incompetence.

Trump brilliantly uses Twitter like a master maestro flawlessly conducting a symphony. His style- while simplistic, adhering to the standard character limit- is so inspired and magnetic that it’s changing how people tweet, to the point where people emulate Trump because the style exudes confidence and authority:

All three of the above tweets follow the same format: a plain statement posing as fact with a brief reactionary conclusion intended to serve at the author’s opinion. Even if you agree with the initial sentiment- that Syrian refugees are inherently destructive or that it’s pathetic when smart men pedestalize women- these statements are opinions posing at fact. Without the author providing the reactionary emotional conclusion (“so sad!”) these initial sentiments would be more prone to scrutiny, but the way the tweets are crafted, the initial sentiment is able to appear as fact.

Debating the initial portion of the tweet isn’t part of the conversation. The author is signaling that he’s past that part of the discussion, and embedded in that signal is how you should be past it too.

In our fast paced world where news moves by the minute, we don’t have time to debate the particulars. The author forces authority and credibility by cutting off this discussion- Trump isn’t looking to debate whether Syrian refugees will destroy Western Civilization, Cernovich isn’t looking to discuss whether protesters who stand in the middle of a highway deserve to get run over- they’re busy, powerful, and intelligent men who don’t have time for debate, they’re past it, and you should be too.

The emotional reaction at the end is a multi-purpose slight of hand. A Trump tweeter is signaling that they care, even if the topic is controversial, they are only discussing it out of concern, and the non-debatable portion of the tweet is such an urgent reality for them that it must be mentioned- the fate of the world depends on it. You still want to debate the particulars? What are you, an asshole?

Trump style tweets are true genius- they convey confidence, intelligence, authority, and concern. Watch for this style to catch on as the mainstream world tries to dissect his success- of course, by then, Trump will change the formula and move on to something more effective. Brilliant!

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  2. The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Donald Trump · March 14, 2017

    You describe yourself in this article, nothing but dodgy explanations as to why you worship Mr. Trump. Sad!

  3. Daughter of Satan · September 2

    The last “strong male” to run America was probably Grant; Rutherford B Hayes began the tradition of semi-emasculated “men” on the American Throne…though a few preceded him…Buchannan; Van Buren; Fillmore, Pierce.

    The extraordinary technological advances that commenced immediately after the Civil War completely changed the narrative; comfort and security became the watchwords; the feminine superseded the masculine; and the attendant End of Personal Liberty that always goes with it.

    Trump is a Pajama Boy when laid against Adams (Senior); Washington; Taylor, Jackson; though he is Patton when compared to his contemporaries.

    Its all relative…

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