The Esoteric Masculine Journey and “Gorilla Mindset” (2015)

Women were never intended to compete with men in the male sphere. This isn’t a knock on  women, or a concept that’s inherently anti-woman. Nature is the biggest fascist of all and has carved out meticulously defined roles for men and women without any concern for our feelings. The true secret to a successful life is to work in harmony with the role you were given, and do the most you can with it.

Men are Civilization builders, and women exist to inspire men to greatness. Male physiology demands sex; for emotional wellness, a man needs feminine energy. For our species to thrive, we need children raised within the safety and stability of a nuclear family. While women may not be the builders of our Civilization, they are the foundation from on which it’s built… and somewhere along the line, they decided they should be both.

And if we’re playing “Back to the Future 2,” this is around when the timeline splits; welcome to Alternate 1985.

If you were to encapsulate Feminism to a single word, it would be “entitlement.” If you were to encapsulate Feminism to a single concept, it would be disappointment over the lack of a Masculine Alpha Provider for every woman. The quickest, and most recognizable, way to define “Masculine Alpha Provider” is looking at the love-interest in any Disney movie; handsome, muscled, charming, fem-centric to the point where it’s impossible to picture the character existing on his own without the entitled, solipsistic princess to serve.

In Alternate 1985 terms, think of the love-interest from “Fifty Shades of Grey”; everything the Disney caricature includes, but with a huge dick and pornographic sensibilities.

Since it’s not feasible for every woman to marry a Masculine Alpha Provider, especially as the parameters for such elite inclusion grow increasingly narrow (got a ruler?), the modern woman inevitably ends up angry and crazy. When you understand why this happens, you’ll end up seeing it everywhere.

An unattractive Facebook friend of mine is always posting pro-Feminist memes; his equally unattractive wife posts a lot of “angry Feminist rants.” His motivation is that he loves her, and is listening to her concerns and taking her worldview seriously- a good man “carefully considers the perspective of others”; her motivation is that she hates him, resents having to be with him, and is horrifically disappointed by life.

His feeling lucky to have her, gleefully mimicking her worldview, and her resentment in having him- spitting angry venom on social media, illustrates the true difference in the male and female journey. His having started from a place of low-confidence and zero entitlement, he feels lucky to have caught a single fish; she feels short-changed by her lack of selection met with her high-entitlement and high-expectations- she chose him because he represented the best of her choices, but that choice will never be satisfying.

The Masculine Journey is like climbing a mountain or building a house by starting from the foundation. Conversely, the female experience is about calibrating expectations for the options which are presented; or, said plainly, being realistic. Some women will realistically have very few options, and some women will realistically be excluded entirely.

Because the Masculine Journey requires true grit, deep effort, and sharp savvy, there will naturally be far more excluded men than women- or men, like my Facebook friend, who are thrilled to have caught a single fish. Such is life.

But somewhere along the line, the timeline split. We went from women being happy as protected wives and cherished mothers, and men having the tools available for their potential ascension to the heights of greatness, the Masculine Alpha Provider, to angry women, poisoned with entitlement, taking their disappointment out on the next generation of men- who are at the beginning of their Masculine Journey, by making the tools and knowledge they’d need to sharpen their skill something demonized and esoteric.

The toxification of the Masculine Journey can be seen by taking a quick look at “The Karate Kid” (1984). Scrappy teenager Daniel LaRusso moves to a new town with his single mother and swiftly gets his butt kicked by tough guy Johnny for showing interest in Johnny’s girlfriend; law of the jungle, shit happens. Since Johnny is a martial arts expert, Daniel rightfully decides to learn karate and defend himself properly.

Unfortunately, this is where the self-contained timeline splits in the movie; Daniel meets karate master Miyagi who promptly stops Daniel from learning the ancient art through the traditional methods of hard work and constant practice. Instead, Daniel’s fill-in father figure teaches Daniel karate by having him do silly household chores, and then we learn that this pseudo-methodology combined with Daniel having a special gift for karate mastery, is enough to render Daniel a karate expert.

Daniel, finding a shortcut on the Masculine Journey to mastery, is the hero in “The Karate Kid”; his talent is supposedly natural, and his mastery of karate is supposedly authentic. Conversely, movie bad guy Johnny’s karate expertise is meant to be seen as inauthentic- he goes to school for karate and practices endlessly.

So, according to “The Karate Kid,” becoming great at something because you’re inherently special = authentic and good; becoming great at something because you’ve put in the mandatory time and effort = inauthentic and bad.

This is the kind of real-world toxic social conditioning that serves to diminish and demonize the Masculine Journey.

The Masculine Journey has become a lost art. It’s incredible that something so fundamentally necessary for good men to be great, and great men to become leaders, has been abolished from the modern world in order to allow women a more prevalent place at the table of Civilization builders… because if not all women can obtain a Masculine Alpha Provider for their very own, they can certainly cut the legs off the weaker men who aren’t inherently Masculine Alpha Providers- the majority of men need guidance- and assume their place. It’s misguided, for sure, but this is what happens when we allow angry and disappointed women to set the rules of the game.

Until only recently, when a great man has awakened to the idea that he’s been intentionally mislead, weakened by the dilution of knowledge available to him, he’s had to carve his own path. There were no Masculine Journey masters available to serve as mentors, and only recently has this changed.

Enter: Mike Cernovich

A few weeks ago, on one of my Amazon orders, I decided to finally pick up his book “Gorilla Mindset” (2015), not for the intention of writing a review but as something to add to my own reading list- mostly because I’m a fan of Cernovich’s Twitter feed and podcast.

Gorilla Mindset” is a comprehensive guide to the Masculine Journey– the kind of knowledge that has been intentionally hidden and maliciously redefined over the past fifty years; the type of fatherly advice that I wish I had gotten twenty years ago… I wasn’t going to post a review about it … but then this stuck out to me:

The idea that in today’s world anything pertaining to the Masculine Journey, or male development, or male success, is at all common knowledge or something that every man is inherently exposed to is total bullshit. Total and complete bullshit. Personally offensive, total and complete bullshit.

And Mike Cernovich knows exactly what I’m talking about; any man who has woken up to the idea of just how intentionally misguided modern men are understands the dire need for the essentials of Masculine development; and that’s why Mike Cernovich wrote “Gorilla Mindset,” and why books like “Gorilla Mindset” are vitally important.

Look, being a man can be fucking awesome or a fucking disaster- you have to work to make it awesome. Cernovich isn’t going to bullshit you with his comprehension game plan for male success, you’re going to need to put the work in.. and unlike my Facebook friend, patting himself on the back for catching a single fish while posting embarrassing Feminist memes- Cernovich is going to provide you the tools and knowledge to build the necessary foundation to begin your ascension to greatness.

And that foundation begins with mindset. Mindset is not something taught at school or in the mainstream; the importance of mindset training and mindset mastery has been entirely obscured- and the mastery over mindset, how you think and perceive yourself and the world, is essential for male greatness and male success. Cernovich heavily focuses on how to develop a successful mindset as a foundation for the Masculine Journey throughout “Gorilla Mindset,” and this is worth the price of admission on its own.

But Cernovich doesn’t stop at mindset, he builds on the concept to provide a guide to Masculine success in a toxic modern world- Cernovich has chapters on the basics of health and fitness, attention span training, posture, and money management; in fact, find me anything in his book that’s common knowledge for any man being raised the overwhelmingly toxic modern world… this is the kind of guidance that isn’t regularly available for a young man coming-up in the world, and absolutely should be…

Gorilla Mindset” should be required reading for any man unhappy with his progress, success, life in general, or simply wants to kick ass even harder.

Highly recommended.

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  1. neovictorian23 · March 26, 2016

    Another Killer piece! I have an 11-year-old son and am teaching him these main principles as best I can.

    • ryanstoonfit · April 17, 2016

      I am in the same situation. 11 year old. The schools do not reward any masculine behavior at all.

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  4. ryanstoonfit · April 17, 2016

    11 year old son. Should have said.

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