Donald Trump and Heartbreak

Abortion is a non-issue in pre-collapse America. While it’s certainly a practice which renders the woman a victim- of her own short sighted naivete- it isn’t a conversation that needs to be had in our current state of decline.

This is what separates the naive cuckservative from the savvy reactionary: Alternative 1985 America cannot be saved, and the warm fuzzy 1955, the one with the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, has been erased- the only path available is a complete reset.

As a politician, Donald Trump can’t outright say that America must be destroyed so he’s instead reframed the dark message of reboot into a glossier, big budget, Hollywood-style blockbuster: Make America Great Again. But it then becomes important to examine what was lost in translation.

It pains me to acknowledge that Trump was bound to hit a wall. Truthfully, I was in denial until only yesterday- an April fool indeed, only yesterday I had realized my assessment of Trump’s savvy had, at some point, become hero worship. I bought into the idea that he was always a step ahead, and this rendered him bulletproof. If truly growing-up is understanding the limitations of your parents, I had to do some growing up rather quickly in the last forty-eight hours.

If Trump was truly a step ahead, the ideal reactionary, he wouldn’t have made abortion a talking-point at all; it’s okay for the New Right to understand that abortion is a non-issue for the time being, but instead he went with the traditional conservative line of pro-life.

The New Right must understand that they are as different from the old guard conservatives as dogs are to porn stars (wait…).

Maybe Trump didn’t trust that his own brand was stronger than the Grand Old Party; maybe there was, indeed, a tiny hint of insecurity there.

It breaks your heart the first time you see that in your father. It gets burned into your memory; the feeling stays with you… and that tiny bit of insecurity is there with Donald, and I can’t unsee it.

While it’s impossible to really know, I believe the Trump brand could have stood on its own without the baggage of the Republican party. Trump could have by-passed the primaries entirely and entered the general election as a destructive foe to Hillary, and have saved the clowning of Jeb for when it would have counted the most- like waiting until a red hot Sunday night, and finding the perfect picture of McKayla to…

Ok ok. I’ll never win “Best of” This Week in Reaction from Nick Steve’s on Social Matter with that kind of metaphor. Richard Spencer would never retweet a silly fuck blog.

Trump showed a bit of insecurity with the GOP alignment and it took the low-energy media far too long to exploit it. And they finally found their opening with women.

Fucking women. Does Trump not have any gender realists in his camp? Why is Robert Greene not an on-staff adviser? Did RamZPaul miss the call? Hell, I’d even take Roosh over the clueless people advising him.

Donald, listen, Rule #1 in pre-collapse America: Women have limitless entitlement, with minimal responsibility, and must be sold as perpetual victims.

If we live long enough to see the collapse, the AltRight League will sit down with you and have a chat about where we can go from here- only then is it appropriate to talk about abortion. Spence and I can fill you in on the subtle but necessary components of building a strong gender-correct Civilization.

But, President Trump, until then we must look to women are our fragile overlords if we are going to win this election.

When Trump was cornered about an inevitable punishment for a theoretically illegal abortion, that tiny bit of insecurity- truly a fraction of a fraction- had presented itself again. He hesitates and looks to his right; he knows his goose is cooked, and the head-nod that accompanies his answer seems to signal the acknowledgment of this miss-step rather than the confidence of his belief.

I am not the type to kick a great man when he temporarily falters, that’s what an English Lit professor is for, but it’s important to examine and understand what exactly happened here.

As a non-politician, Donald Trump addressed the issue honestly. If we are taking a true Pro-Life stance, the logical-end to the idea of criminalizing abortion is to make those who seek abortion criminals. If I seek an illegal drug, my pursuit is criminal behavior; if seek to pay for sex, I’m a beta-chump- if a woman seeks an illegal abortion, she should be punished accordingly.

But to what extent should she be punished? The conservative fascist in me demands something fairly extreme, if we are to deter this behavior for the good of our long-term goals, we must be congruent in that belief… but there is truth to the idea that a woman seeking an abortion is something of a victim, if we’re going to be honest about it.

So not only will I not win best-of the week, again, but now I’m losing my otherwise loyal three dozen readers too. Julie Borowski is gonna have a good laugh at my very own Trump-like misstep.

Sorry, no offense, but it’s true– a woman seeking a freshly illegal abortion is only acting out of fear and desperation. While this isn’t an excuse for committing a crime, it is something that certainly needs to be taken into account when deciding on a punishment.

Trump makes the rookie-like mistake of giving a non-answer when asked about a potential punishment; he says, quite honestly, that it’s something that demands great thought and deeper introspection. And here Trump again confuses a post-collapse discussion in a pre-collapse world.

America must be destroyed is post-collapse; Make America Great Again is pre-collapse. A politician can not run on an overtly post-collapse platform- his understanding of the inevitability of collapse must remain hidden, and his post-collapse talking-points must be subtle and ambiguous. Abortion should only be a post-collapse issue; it must be left alone in a pre-collapse world.

A campaign run in a pre-collapse world must have its talking points begin on the foundation of woman as Fragile Queen- the beautiful, the powerful, the perpetual victim- while a more nuanced and ambiguous message can reflect a post-collapse reality; these nuanced messages were perfectly executed in Trump’s initial tussle with the fully-realized modern woman Megyn Kelly- Trump confidently uses charm and social acuity to devenomize her attack… but this is a dangerous game to play without flawless execution, and Trump’s MSNBC mishap may have dire consequence… if Megyn Kelly were there, she almost undoubtedly would have ended up shouting: “All vaginas are the same size~!!11”

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  1. Robert What? · April 5, 2016

    I blame it on his well-meaning wife for telling him to be “more presidential”.

  2. nickbsteves · April 6, 2016

    Don’t sell yerself short, Champ. I think you’ve made the Honorable Mention list multiple times. You’re a gifted writer, especially when you have time to write less.

    • killtoparty · April 6, 2016

      Thanks, Nick! Although the comment was more on the side of cheeky, showing a bit of my own insecurities while writing about Trump’s potential insecurities, and also wanting to give a few shout outs to my inspiration and supporters (I’m a big Ascending fan).

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  4. M Simon · June 29, 2016

    I thought Trump’s answer was masterful in destroying the Old Right. If abortion is murder the initiator deserves death. I have been making that argument for years.

    You will notice that since that point in the campaign it has become a non-issue. Why? Because hardly anyone on the right wants to deal with the consequences of their proclaimed BELIEFS. What do they actually believe? Abortion is misdemeanor murder and the woman goes free. Hardly worth all the shouting.

    And the best part about abortion? It is mostly lefties killing their future. Hardly something to be fought. It should be encouraged.

    • M Simon · June 29, 2016

      Well if you liked that you will probably like this.

      Behavioral Sink Behavior And Thermodynamics also look at “Blue and Red” which I believe is linked in that post.

      Left and right represent different thermodynamic niches. And neither side gets it. The Right is country. High energy needs. Reproduction is low cost and high value. The Left is city. Low energy needs. Reproduction is expensive and low value.

      And since neither side gets the science they go about proclaiming the other side morally wrong. Eventually left cities go bankrupt because the high control favored by the left over reaches and over spends. Detroit. Chicago (which runs Illinois) is one of the next.

      If we (the general population) understood this better we might get symbiotic politics. More live and let live (especially outside the cities).

      Anyway, I mostly identify with the rubes. Country folk. Cities are fun. But for raising kids country is better. Small towns (under 200,000 population).

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