Homosexuality as Suburban Invasion in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” (1985)

Under the fascist progressive American regime, the rainbow flag has replaced the swastika. Like store-owners with Nazi flags in their shop windows, modern corporations trip over one another to signal the rainbow- “signal the rainbow, stay under the radar,” they say. There was something admirable in the state’s declaration of homosexual normalization in that it left no room for interpretation. The White House was drenched in the rainbow, all power-players in the American landscape had better get their troops in check, and so it goes down the line.

While top down power will garner compliance, it isn’t something that changes hearts and minds– this is the job of the woman.

Women were given the position of moral authority in the western world because they’re so malleable- they love following rules, pleasing authority figures, and social cohesion. Women excel at the position because they hold tremendous influence over weak males- this is why it’s always in the interest of the state to weaken their male population. As sexual gate-keepers, women can set the parameters for what they expect from their prospective partners- the right politics now being included in those parameters- thus influencing men dumb enough fall for it.

And now it makes sense why OKCupid has added the ACLU “Right to Love” hashtag to user profiles. Not only are they in line to kiss the ring with practically every other corporation displaying their rainbow compliance, but due to the nature of being an online dating service, they’re able to go the extra mile in showing off for the boss. Straight from the horses mouth:

…in today’s political climate, people care more about their dates sharing their political and social beliefs than ever before; our data shows that differing beliefs on both are the biggest dating deal breakers today. So to help the majority of OkCupid users who want to find a date looking for love (and justice), today we’re introducing the #RightToLove profile badge in partnership with the ACLU.

Women say that “political and social” differences are their “biggest deal breaker” when, really, neither matter so long as they’re hot for Chad. So to help men “who want to find a date,” they suggest signaling a love of homosexuality. Since roughly 80% of male OKCupid users hear nothing but crickets, and since rainbow compliance is a lot easier than lifting and self-respect, it’s an easy way to change hearts and minds practically overnight. Something similar happened with feminism, and thus we have the “male feminist.”

The bugman has a complex relationship with homosexuality. While they’re certainly bugs, they’re still men, and the mainstream take on homosexuality has created an environment to which they’re unsure of how to react.  It isn’t that the bugman needs to feign his tolerance for homosexuality- for most men, homosexuality in the abstract is non-consequential- but that being considered a homosexual is a good way to never have sex again.

The bugman must carefully amplify his acceptance and love for homosexuality while concurrently reaffirming his heterosexual masculinity. If the bugman eschews this dichotomy in favor of counter signaling homosexuality and amplifying his masculinity two-fold, the reverse effect will be achieved. He’ll be labeled a closeted homosexual and be socially discarded. If the bugman reacts poorly to this it will all but confirm his closeted status. For all of the tolerance bravado of the left, this type of gay- the angry and uncomfortable, closeted gay- is bad gay and must be bullied until their eventual suicide.

This leaves only one option for the bugman- to signal that he’s so comfortable with homosexuality, and so masculine and so heterosexual, that he can playfully joke about being gay- and, because of this, no one can suspect that he is either anti-gay or closeted gay. Sure it seems like an unnecessarily complex way to signal what should be considered the default, but this is what a culture who promotes homosexuality creates when it’s under the moral authority of a matriarchy.

Women have masterfully weaponized gay men with the promise of providing cultural protection for homosexuality in return. Most gay men seem appreciative of this exchange and have gladly taken on the role of pet for their new owner. The idea of female validation as a necessity for men has become so ingrained in our culture that even gay men aren’t able to escape the paradigm- their obedience to women is partially connected to validation seeking as well. The bugman’s awkward juggling act of signaling both an acceptance of homosexuality combined with assertions of masculinity stem entirely from this desire for validation.

They say a good method of brainwashing is to divorce reward and punishment from behavior. As pattern recognition machines, we’re always looking for links to cause and effect- randomizing this tends to break someone rather quickly. Women will play both ends against the middle- demanding a man’s acceptance of homosexuality on one end, while accusing a man they want to humiliate of being a homosexual (“bad gay”) on the other.

Do you not signal your love of everything gay? Well, you might be a scared little boy hiding in the closet! Do you love gayness a little too much? Well…

With that you’ve built a modern world where the bugman feels obligated to joke about being gay in-order to signal that he isn’t gay, even though joking about being gay is totally fucking gay- such is life for the American bugman.

As you’d expect, the right and left differ on their interpretation of what causes homosexuality. The left clings to the “born this way” meme that’s forced its way into the realm of the indisputable by way of Lady Gaga. This is because the idea of homosexuality as normal variation is crucial to the left’s promotion of homosexuality as organically occurring and not inherently tied to sexual deviance. The unlucky genetic lottery, like any other disability, will strike randomly and not include baggage. If your idea of a homosexual is a pedophile wearing a leather mask, according to the left, that is an unfair stereotype. Anyone could be gay, gayness is indicative of nothing, and therefore gay men* are entitled to the same rights and privileges as anyone else.

However, normal variation isn’t the only theory on the origin of homosexuality. An event, or series of events occurring early in the life of a homosexual- before sexual feelings are developed one way or the other- could influence and corrupt the natural occurrence of normal heterosexuality. If you talk to any sexual fetishist, they often will tie their fetish to a landmark occurrence in early childhood; for example, I love tits and watched a lot of “Three’s Company” as a kid.

The left hates this theory of homosexuality as it presents homosexuality as something negative that can theoretically be avoided- or, in the very least, minimized. The first thing that would need to go is the social promotion of homosexuality- out of the Campbell’s commercial and back into the underground sex club. Homosexual parenting would need to be tossed out too- in order to eradicate homosexuality, homosexuals would need to be quarantined. Without homosexual parenting, there really isn’t a need for gay marriage so that can go too. If this theory is correct, it would imply that a lot of gay men are, in fact, pedophiles and would need to be considered as such.

If homosexuality occurs as a consequence to events in early childhood, homosexuality could be seen as an invasive force- not unlike Freddy Krueger. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984) is very deliberately a suburban  horror movie. The suburbs came into existence as a way for middle-class families to escape the crime and debauchery of the cities. A comfortable middle point between city and country, the suburbs flourished with the promise of more spacious living, a slower pace, and greener landscapes met with the conveniences of city living- milk and gas within walking distance. Even if they weren’t walled, there was meant to be a disconnect between city and suburb, and they weren’t meant to cross. When Robert Moses designed the parkway system for Long Island, one of America’s first suburbs, he deliberately made the underpass for bridges too low to allow school buses to cross- a way to keep city school children away from the island’s parks and beaches.

6a0d41ae7097f0ae8339073063c4ae87cf6f33e2The suburbs were sold as the ideal place to raise children- removed from the dangers and moral decay of city life- and Freddy Krueger was there to remind them that nothing is perfect. Freddy was the alcoholic father; Freddy was the cheating mother. Freddy was drug addiction; Freddy was suicide. Freddy was that which you cannot outrun- Freddy Krueger knew where to find you.

Krueger is a sexual sadist. He kills with his infamous glove as to make killing its most intimate. In “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” the boys he kills are props in his game to torment the girls. Nightmares are the perfect outlet to prolong the torment; Krueger only kills when he’s ready to kill. Arguably all victims were part of his grand design to get at Nancy, the movie’s female lead. Unlike Tina, Kruger’s first victim, Nancy was pure and virginal- surely something Krueger can take greater pleasure in spoiling.

Krueger existed to remind us that we cannot filter reality entirely; ugliness is part of the human experience, even in the walled garden of suburbia.


The film was a sleeper hit at the box office, grossing over 25 million dollars, and just one year later a sequel was released: “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” (1985). While Krueger was written to be an implicit sexual sadist, it wasn’t unusual that the main character of a slasher movie was cast as a woman. Just like real life, in horror movies men are disposable and women are inherently valuable. To get the most anxiety and suspense out of an audience, the story comes down to the monster stalking the last remaining woman (so much that the horror trope has its own name). The first thing that should stand out as unusual about “Freddy’s Revenge” is that the main character is male.

Krueger’s act has a teasing, cat and mouse sexuality, so the male protagonist dynamic carries an immediate awkwardness. It’s established early that Freddy isn’t just invading the intimate confines of Jesse’s dreamscape, but he’s an invasive force within Jesse’s body– the plot of “Freddy’s Revenge” centers around Freddy trying to take Jesse over physically- or create a kind of Freddy/Jesse synergy, where Freddy influences Jesse to kill for him.

“Freddy’s Revenge” has a minor, secondary antagonist in the school’s gym teacher, Coach Schneider. Schneider enters the fray when Jesse gets into a fight with another student during gym class, and Schneider makes the two do push-ups for the rest of class. The choice of a coach to take on the role of a villainous, abusive teacher is deliberate. In the realm of the feminized public education system, the last bastion of masculinity is usually found in gym class- and only in gym class is your masculinity tested. While you may have been a kid who skipped sports and avoided competition, gym class was required and thus became a source of fear and anxiety. Coach Schneider embodies the sadistic type who’d take advantage of vulnerabilities which are inevitably revealed in class.  As Grady puts it, “Schneider always has a stick up his ass“- remember that for later.

…and this is where things take a bizarre turn. Often in the Nightmare series dreams blend with reality leaving the viewer to guess at what they’re watching. One night, we follow Jesse out of the house. Walking in the rain, he comes to a bar and orders himself a drink. The bar he chooses is very clearly a gay and lesbian, heavy-leather BDSM bar. Coach Schneider, dressed in leather, catches him and we cut to Jesse running laps in the school gymnasium.

A hallmark of the series is their accurate portrayal of the incoherent and surreal nature of nightmares. Rarely does everything in a nightmare make sense. In Jesse’s case, he’s dreaming about a gay bar- which may or may not have to do with his own latent homosexuality, along with his coach whom he associates with fear and anxiety. The coach catches Jesse doing something he’s not supposed to be doing, always good nightmare material, and punishes Jesse in the only way Jesse interacts with him- at school. It doesn’t make sense in real world logic, but it’s a perfect portrayal of dream logic.

Schneider has Jesse take a shower in the locker room, where Schneider is likely going to rape him, when Krueger intervenes. Schneider is dragged to the shower by a jump rope, tied up, and has his ass whipped with a towel as a way to presumably humiliate him for being secretly gay, before getting slashed to death. When the steam clears, it’s Jesse wearing Krueger’s glove, which horrifies him.

The suburban aesthetic of the white picket fence, mom with roasted potatoes in the oven as dad watches the evening news, kids in the backyard tree-house with the family dog is what was promised- bolstered by the 1950s-era sitcoms which the Baby Boomer generation grew up with. All they thought they needed were the accessories- the house, the neighborhood, the good school district- acting as the canvas to which they’d paint the story of their lives. They tragically assumed that the picture paints itself. They never knew how to properly deal with problems because they figured that there wouldn’t be any, and this caused a subconscious anxiety for them.

Coach Schneider played on this anxiety. That below the surface lurked an invisible darkness- in this case, a homosexual predator hiding in the form of a school teacher. If trauma is what causes homosexuality in young men, Schneider may have not only assaulted Jesse but left an indelible scar. When Jesse kills Schneider, it could stand-in for his symbolic rejection of homosexuality.

However, if we’re to believe that homosexuality is a natural, normal variation, the story takes on a different interpretation. If Jesse is struggling with coming to terms with being a homosexual, killing Schneider can be viewed as an expression of that struggle; in this interpretation, Freddy is a symbolic stand-in for homosexuality.

After the killing of Schneider, the police take Jesse home- they say they found him naked and walking along the highway. Jesse’s mother thinks he’s in crisis, but Jesse refuses to discuss it with her. She suggests seeing a psychiatrist, but provides no follow-up. Jesse’s father thinks it’s all bullshit, that he’s either on drugs or just needs “a good, godamn kick in the butt.” Even without knowing that they’re up against a supernatural dream killer, they’re absolutely clueless when confronted with a problem.

When Jesse’s sort-of love interest Lisa has a pool party, the two find it the perfect time to hook up. If you’ve ever hooked up with a girl while she was having some silly party, as I have, you’ll get that it’s hot as fuck. However, while they’re making out Jesse begins to feel as though he’s becoming Krueger, so he leaves the party and goes to his friend Grady’s house to stay for the night. While staying at Grady’s, Jesse fully transforms into Krueger and kills Grady. Jesse is once again revealed as the one wearing the glove.

Could this be Jesse’s latent homosexuality causing him to be less interested in cute teenage Lisa and more interested in best-friend Grady- only to freak out and kill Grady when he’s overwhelmed with his gay feelings that he hasn’t yet dealt with? Or, did Jesse’s experiences with Coach Schneider- perhaps some having taken place off-screen- cause Jesse to become gay himself?

Of course the answer varies depending on which theory of homosexuality you’re more invested in. Jesse returns to the party after killing Grady, and turns into Krueger once again. As Freddy runs through the backyard, hacking and slashing at various party goers, he pauses to look at the frightened group of kids and announces: “you are all my children now.”

Even if Freddy Krueger isn’t going to make you gay, your parents won’t always be there for you and suburbia isn’t impenetrable- in one way or another, there will be a Freddy Krueger for you to deal with too.


*Lesbians aren’t real.


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