If you look, you will not find me.


  1. DonB · December 3, 2015

    Read a few of your articles. They are very well written and insightful. Well done.

  2. Rob · April 30, 2016

    Have you ever read JD Unwin’s Sex and Culture? I’m guessing you have already read it but if you haven’t I am certain you’ll love it. I found the data he has collected about the relationship between sex and gender roles and the rise and decline of civilizations fascinating and compelling. There is a scanned copy online on archive dot org.

    Anyway thanks for your writing I’m finding it very enjoyable.

  3. Anony-fucking-mous · July 2, 2016

    I found you from delicioustacos. Really enjoy everything you’ve written. I’m drunk right now and watching “the intern.” It’s a shitty movie and seems to have a million themes that I’m being beaten over the head with. I don’t know if the movie is too obvious for your take on it, maybe something along these lines has been done before or is too easy of a target. But if you deem it worth your time I’d enjoy your take on it.

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