Looks Blue, Tastes Red: Marilyn Manson and “Antichrist Superstar” (1996)

“When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed”- The Man That You Fear 

Marilyn Manson cucked after Columbine, although I can hardly blame him. If a kid went out and shot-up a Chuck-E-Cheese after reading “From the Arcade to the Girlfriend Experience,” I’d probably end up cucking too. It’s a heavy toll to pay for a guy who was just having a good bit of fun trolling.

Yes, that’s right- if you weren’t in on the joke, or actually took the old bastard seriously- Marilyn Manson started his career as a pre-internet, proto-troll. A tremendous practical joke, a long-con, being played on the very people paying to see him. And, yeah, two kids took it too seriously, played some Doom, and fucked the whole thing up.

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Ben Weasel and The Hulkster: The Fascist Police State of Social Justice

It was a few weeks ago when I left my desolate hellhole of an apartment and ventured out into the real world to see one of my teenage favorites, <a style="border: none !important; margin: 0!important;" href="http://Screeching Weasel, live in concert.

So as I’m standing there waiting to rock-out to songs like “Veronica Hates Me,” and “Cindy’s on Methadone,” I overheard two adult-children chatting about Ben Weasel, the band’s singer. Before either of these dorks said a word, I knew exactly where the conversation was going: “Did you know he hit a woman?”

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